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Monday 5 September - Naturally Misleading

What is 'natural' food and is it better for us? We explore the language of food labelling. Does a product bearing the word 'natural' on its label make you more likely to buy it? Or, is describing food as 'natural' just a marketing trick?

Tuesday 6 September- Where Are You Going?

Catherine Carr continues her series where she hears stories from people all over the world, uncovered by asking one simple question - Where are you going? Every interrupted journey becomes a portal into the life of another, and there are surprises in every answer. Catherine travels to the refugee camps in northern France, where the journeys people have undertaken to get there are epic, and their onward passage is uncertain. The answers given by the people trying to live in The Jungle will reveal the rhythms of life in limbo and will also describe past lives and future hopes.

Wednesday 7 September - The Force of Google

The algorithm which produces Google’s search results is highly secret and always changing, but is crucial in influencing the information we all obtain, the viewpoints we read, the people we find out about, and the products we buy. Google dominates the market because it's so effective. Rivals find it difficult to compete. But however good the algorithm, however carefully crafted to give us what Google thinks we actually want, is it really healthy for one search engine, and one company, to have so much impact? Rory Cellan-Jones explores Google's uniquely powerful role at the centre of today's information society.

Thursday 8 September - Addicted in Suburbia

The United States is in the throes of a heroin and opiate epidemic. India Rakusen travels to Lorain County, in the state of Ohio, where addiction has become part of everyday life. West of the city of Cleveland, Avon Lake is a wealthy suburb – its large, expensive properties back onto the shores of Lake Eerie, and wild deer frolic on neat lawns. But behind this façade, there is a crisis. Many families have felt the damaging impact of addiction. And across Lorain County, opiates – pharmaceutical and street heroin - have killed twice as many people in the first six months of 2016 alone, as died in the whole of 2015.