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Monday 29 August - How Safe are Your Secrets?
From the BBC World Service Global Business programme Peter Day learns the lessons from businesses that have fallen victim to corporate espionage and he hears that most companies’ Achilles’ heels lie in the least expected places.(BBCWS)

Tuesday 30 August - Cruising #2 of 2
In the second part of the series on cruise ships Philip Dodd looks at the impact that mass tourism on cruise liners can have. He talks to the people who benefit from the arrival of the huge new ships, and those who are unhappy about the environmental impact.(BBCWS)

Wednesday 31 Aug - Looping Swans
Looping Swans reveals how Swan Lake has shaped the history of modern Russia and – even now – emerged as a powerful political 'meme' in the Putin era. When tanks rolled into Moscow on 19 August 1991 during a dramatic anti-Perestroika coup by Soviet hardliners, the USSR’s state-controlled airwaves offered a curious response: a continuous loop of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake. Ballet, of all things, served as balm for the revolution underway.(BBCWS)

Thursday 1 September - The Virtual World
A new technology is emerging which could change the world as significantly as mobile phones or the Internet. That technology is Virtual Reality. Up to now it’s mainly been used for fun - but things are changing. Adam Shaw investigates how VR could change our lives and revolutionise the world of business. Enabling us to be in two places at once and, for example, replacing the need for many painkillers and helping cure psychological problems.(BBCWS)