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Monday 15 August - The Power of Cute

Zoologist and broadcaster Lucy Cooke explores the science behind our seeming obsession with all things adorable. There has been an explosion in interest in cuteness, particularly online, with an ever growing number of websites dedicated to pandas, kittens, puppies and of course babies. We hear about the latest scientific research looking at just what makes babies cute, and what looking at them does to our brain, with some surprising results.

Tuesday 16 August - The Forgotten Girls of Dhaka

Farhana Haider enters the world of Duaripara slum in Dhaka, Bangladesh to meet a group of teenage girls who were married and then abandoned by their husbands before they even reached the age of 16. While in the globalized world of opportunity, many of us are discovering and shaping our identities through new possibilities, others less fortunate are having their identities shaped by circumstances out of their control. Farhana hears them give intimate insights into who they are and what they think the future holds.

Wednesday 17 August - Fertile Food

How much could your diet affect your ability to have a child? Throughout history, harvest and the abundance of food have been associated with the creation of life. Join us on a journey from ancient traditions to the latest science. When the vegetable sellers of east London shed little light on which foods make us fertile, the BBC’s Emily Thomas goes to the Wellcome Library to look through some 16th century recipe books with Dr Jennifer Evans from the University of Hertfordshire. From stags' testicles, to ‘mad apples’ we find out which food the ancient Egyptians thought to be the biggest aphrodisiac, and why a 300 year old recipe book tells us beans lead to babies. How well does this all sit with the latest science? We talk to Dr Jorge Chavarro, from the Harvard Schools of Public Health and Medicine.

Thursday 18 August - Adelia Prado - Voice of Brazil

A portrait of the Brazilian poet, Adelia Prado who has shunned the spotlight since her discovery in 1976 – then a 40-year-old mother of five living in the interior state of Minas Gerais. Now aged 80, her sensual, devout, sometimes provocative poetry is read and admired around the world. In the company of her long-time translator and fellow poet Ellen Doré Watson, Adélia Prado invites us into her home to talk about her life and work.