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Monday 8 August- Food on the Move

Fruit in the summer, grain in the autumn - our diets once consisted of eating what was around us and what was in season. But we now live in a global food village, where in many countries the idea of eating seasonally has been consigned to history. In the 21st Century we ship, fly and truck our food supply across huge distances. Britain, for example, imports 90% of its fresh fruit. The BBC’s Mike Johnson presents Food on the Move: What We Want, When We Want It.

Tuesday 9 August- Graffiti: Paint and Protest #2of 2

Graffiti’s modern role is evolving rapidly. From Europe to Brazil, street artists are displaying their anger about inequality, invisibility, corruption and control. In part two Steve Uruqhart meets graffiti writers and street artists from Brazil. Thousands of angry young Brazilians could not care less about the 2016 Olympics; they would rather paint Rio and São Paulo’s walls with their views about political turmoil, poverty and inequality. Others choose to cover historic buildings with stark, crude lettering known as 'pixação'.

Wednesday 10 August - The Battle for the US Constitution

How has an Amendment to the US Constitution passed just after the US Civil War become the battleground on which modern America's most ferocious issues are fought out? Adam Smith, historian of 19th Century America, travels to Washington DC and North Carolina to find out.

Thursday 11 August- Malawi’s Big Charity Secret

Simon Cox investigates the secretive world of one of Malawi’s biggest charities - Dapp (Development Aid from People to People). For decades governments including the US, UK and other European nations have donated many millions of dollars to DAPP for projects ranging from sanitation to teaching. But Dapp has a big secret – it is under the control of a Danish cult-like organisation called the Teachers Group.