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Monday 4 July - Mind Your Manners
Mind your Manners - It's not what you eat, but the way that you eat it according to this episode of The Food Chain from the BBC world Service. As people are exposed to cuisines from all over the world, the programme asks if there has been a global shrugging off of table manners. From how we sit, to the tools we use, is there a best way to consume food? And what do your eating implements of choice - hands, cutlery, or chopsticks - say about your cultural identity?

Tuesday 5 July - America's Independent Voters
America is in the middle of its most volatile presidential election season in half a century. The traditional political parties are being shaken to the core by voters who are not necessarily Democrats or Republicans, so called 'independent' voters. Michael Goldfarb travels to the key state of Ohio - a state that has voted for every presidential winner over the last 50 years - to meet with independent voters. He explores the anger that is motivating independents this year. He places their views in the deeper historical context of changes in American society - changes that have hit Ohio hard.

Wednesday 6 July - Belize Penal Reform
The former British colony of Belize is a tiny country that boasts rich Central American indigenous culture and a spectacular Caribbean coast. It also suffers a high rate of violent crime, and its one and only prison houses more than its fair share of murderers. The BBC’s Charlotte McDonald has gained rare access to the jail, and to inmates there who have faced capital punishment for their crimes – sometimes coming alarmingly close to being put to death. All have since been spared thanks to an ongoing legal campaign, led by a group of British lawyers.

Thursday 7 July - The Accrington Pals
The story of the Accrington Pals, a battalion of East Lancashire volunteers who joined the so-called ‘Big Push’ against the German front line at the Battle of the Somme. On July the first they marched into a hail of German machine gun fire. An allied artillery bombardment was meant to have destroyed all resistance. But the Germans were well armed and well dug-in. In less than 30 minutes more than 580 of the 720 Accrington Pals were killed, injured or missing in action. Lyse Doucet explores the pride and sadness of local people as they prepare to mark the centenary of the day that nearly wiped out the Accrington Pals and she reflects on modern attitudes to war and remembrance.