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Monday 16 May Benefits of Bi-lingualism #1

More than half of the world's people speak more than one language.  Recently, psychologists have discovered that knowing more than one language helps us in some surprising ways. The skill of bilinguals to switch focus by filtering out or inhibiting one language to concentrate on the relevant one is the one that is thought to bring wider benefits. Schools that teach in a second language have found that their students do better in tests in their original language. Gaia Vince explores the research that shows the benefits of bilingualism.

Tuesday 17 May Are Human Rights Really Universal? #2 of 2

Human rights may aspire to be universal - they should belong to everyone, everywhere - but there has been resistance to them on philosophical or theological grounds by powerful states and world religions. Lawyer Helena Kennedy looks at these issues and the rise of the human rights movement since 1948.

Wednesday 18 May Setting the Past Free Episode #2 of 2

For some Rudolf Kastner is a hero, for others a traitor. Mark Lawson explores the cultural retellings of a story that began in Nazi occupied Hungary in 1944. At the time Kastner, a lawyer and a journalist, was deputy chairman of the Relief and Rescue Committee. He negotiated with Adolf Eichmann to save Jewish lives but did he pay for them with other Jewish lives? In this programme, Mark Lawson talks to those within Israel - including the playwright Motti Lerner, the Chief Historian of Yad Vashem Professor Dina Porat, and the literary critic Professor Dan Laor - who have all wrestled with Kastner's story and the issues it raises.

Thursday 19 May Colorado’s Big Marijuana Experiment

Marijuana is legal in the US state of Colorado - but not according to federal law, which prohibits its sale. How does the fast-growing industry manage this legal limbo?  Peter Day goes to Colorado to find some answers and what it's really like to run a company in one of the world's riskiest business sectors where they can't get banking services, advertise their wares or pay tax in the way that other companies do.