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Hungary at the Cutting Edge

As more EU countries follow Hungary's lead and fence their borders against irregular migration, Maria Margaronis explores Hungarians' responses to the refugee and migration crisis. She talks to border guards, with a solidarity group set up to support them, as well as Hungarians who offer help to refugees. She visits the prison factory that exports most of the razor wire used on Europe's borders. Is Prime Minister Viktor Orban's hardline response to migration a symptom of Hungary's troubled history and politics? Or is Hungary the cutting edge of a new Europe of closed borders? (BBCWS)


Feeding the World #1

The first in a series called Feeding the World - examining the challenges of climate change on the world's ability to grow crops and meet growing demand.  In this programme Professor Kathy Willis, Science Director of Kew Gardens, looks at how we can breed better-adapted and more efficient crops by exploiting the wealth of natural diversity in our so-called crop wild relatives. They’re the species from which all our current crops originally evolved. Many researchers now believe that these ancient relatives hold the key to future crop improvement.


A Swedish Tale

Sweden received more asylum seekers per capita than any other country last year. But an open borders policy was slowly rowed back as accommodation started to run out and the authorities struggled to cope with the arrival of so many newcomers. Ånge is a community of 9,000 people in the north of Sweden which is now home to 1,000 asylum seekers.  Keith Moore spends time in the community with locals and asylum seekers as they get used to the each other and to their new lives


Romania: The Shepherds’ Revolt

The motives behind a violent protest by thousands of Romanian shepherds outside the parliament in Bucharest. Lucy Ash meets the sheep farmers who took on the government over plans to limit numbers of sheepdogs and restrict their grazing rights. The increasing size of Romania’s flocks has led to a growing conflict with both hunters and conservationists over land use. The shepherds are fighting what they see as a threat to their traditional way of life in a country where one third of the population works in agriculture. But methods of farming are changing now that Romania has joined the European Union and more claims are being made upon the countryside. (BBCWS)