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Mon 14 Mar 2016  Editing the Genome #1

Over the last four years, scientists have discovered a simple and powerful method for altering genes. This will have massive implications for all of us as it raises the possibility of easily changing the genetic code in animals, plants and ourselves. The potential for good is enormous. The ethical challenges are profound. Professor Matthew Cobb explores the brave new world of CRISPR gene editing.(BBCWS)


Tue 15 Mar 2016  Found in Translation

Sixty-five-year-old Hiromitsu Shinkawa survived the 2011 Tsunami by riding the tin roof of a destroyed home. He spent two days alone and adrift at sea on his makeshift raft before rescue. Shortly afterwards he met Miwako Ozawa, a young Japanese translator hired by a journalist to interview him. Five years on, Hiromitsu’s remarkable story of survival and renewal is told through the two halves of their unlikely friendship. .(BBCWS)


Wed 16 Mar 2016    An Eton Experience

Each year some of the poorest pupils in the country enter the hallowed corridors of Eton on full scholarships. Penny Marshall meets some of those applying for places and follows them and those they inspire as they prepare for exams that could change the course of their lives. .(BBCWS)


Thu 17 Mar 2016  Kidnapped in Mexico

Mexico, with its history of drug-war violence and corrupt police, has one of the highest kidnapping rates in the world. Official figures for 2015 state that just over 1500 people were taken. Unofficially the figures are said to be much higher…..running into the tens of thousands.  With a lack of trust in the authorities there’s been a significant rise in the number of private negotiators who deal with the ransom negotiations. The BBC’s Vladmir Hernandez has obtained exclusive access into the world of these private negotiators and tells their rarely told story. He also has a disturbing interview with a kidnapper. .(BBCWS)