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Monday 29 February Eels and Human Electricity

Naomi Alderman presents an alternate history of electricity. This is not a story of power stations, motors and wires. It’s a story of how the electric eel and its cousin the torpedo fish, led to the invention of the first battery; and how, in time, the shocking properties of these slippery creatures gave birth to modern neuroscience.

Tuesday 1 March The Boda-Boda Boom #1 of 2

Alan Kasujja explores how the boda-boda - motor cycle taxi - has become a defining cultural and political symbol in Uganda, but one which is also fraught with controversy. On the Kenya/Uganda border, Alan discovers the history of boda-bodas, which began as push bikes running between the two countries. Travelling across the country he meets the entrepreneurs at the forefront of the boda business boom, and talks to the drivers making their living from the bikes. He also visits Kampala’s main hospital, where boda injuries are a growing problem and asks what the future holds for the boda-boda boom.

Wednesday 2 March The Gospel Truth #1

Gospel's uplifting and rejoicing sound is world famous, a multi million-dollar music genre that in many ways has ended up being the beating heart of American popular music. But can gospel be gospel if it entertains and makes money as well as praises the Lord? Financial educator Alvin Hall explores how this American religious music genre has been affected by commercialisation.

Thursday 3 March The Christians Stranded in Thailand

Thousands of Christian refugees who have fled religious violence in Pakistan are stranded in Thailand. They travel there because of cheap tourist visas but quickly get caught in a tangle of asylum bureaucracy which can mean waiting years to move on to a third country. Chris Rogers reports from the backstreets of Bangkok where many of the refugees are in hiding and goes undercover to expose the treatment of these people in Thailand’s detention system.