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Monday 18 January: Nature's Numbers #2 of 2

Mathematics is one of the most extraordinary things humans can do with their brains but where do our numerical abilities come from? Maths writer Alex Bellos looks for answers from a tribe in the Brazilian Amazon which has no words for numbers in its language. He also meets a budding mathematician who is only seven months old.

Tuesday 19 January: The Truth About Diabetes #1 of 4 (Sri Lanka)

A staggering 350 million people live with type-2 diabetes worldwide and it’s set to rise to half a billion in 2 decades’ time. Type-2 diabetes is a disease partly of our own making. Sedentary lifestyles, fast food and sugary drinks are all to blame, but the real picture is far more complex. Over four programmes, The Truth About Diabetes visits Sri Lanka, Mexico, Tonga and the United States to find out what really lies behind the epidemic, and what doctors, policy makers, and the patients themselves, are doing to try to turn the situation around.

Wednesday 20 January: Burying Chernobyl #1 of 2

In the first of two programmes "Burying Chernobyl" Alla Ollbin returns to Ukraine as the huge sarcophagus built to cover the damaged Chernobyl nuclear reactor nears completion almost 30 years on from the nuclear accident.

Thursday 21 January: Molenbeek Through the Looking Glass

After the terror attacks in Paris, the world’s attention turned to an inner-city district of the Belgian capital, Brussels, where several of the attackers came from. Molenbeek has been notorious for many years as a breeding-ground for Islamist extremism – and the Belgian government vowed to “clean it up”. But do the authorities really have any plan to prevent the radicalisation of young Belgians? Tim Whewell has been travelling back and forth to Brussels since the Paris attacks to talk to local people as they hold up a mirror to themselves and search for explanations – and attempt to have a dialogue with a sometimes dysfunctional state.