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Monday 26 October: The Infinite Monkey Cage USA Tour #4 of 4

Brian Cox and Robin Ince take to the stage in San Francisco for the last of their USA specials -  'The Infinite Monkey Cage USA Tour'. They talk alien visitations, UFOs and other close encounters with astronomer Dr Seth Shostack, NASA scientist Dr Carolyn Porco and comedians Greg Proops and Paul Provenza.

Tuesday 27 October: More Than One Kind of Love

Twenty-five years after independence, Audrey Brown travels to Namibia to explore the kind of lives lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transsexual people are carving out in a society where homosexuality is not forbidden but where widespread social disapproval makes it difficult for them to live as fully free human beings.

Wednesday 28 October: The Mayor, The Migrants and France’s Far Right

Lucy Ash reports from the French town of Beziers run by a controversial Front National-aligned mayor. With a population of 71,000, Beziers is by far the biggest of the 11 towns controlled by the far right in France. Since being elected last year Robert Menard has tried imposing curfews  on minors, banned people from hanging washing from balconies and - Singapore style - outlawed spitting in public. According to his critics, the mayor has turned Beziers into ‘a laboratory of the extreme right’ which stigmatizes the poor and especially immigrnts. But, as Robert Menard tells Lucy Ash, his only objective is to improve the city he has been elected to run.

Thursday 29 October: Hanging Around

Virtuoso percussionist Dame Evelyn Glennie hears the extraordinary story of a bizarre new percussion instrument, The Hang. Sometimes referred to as a Hang Drum, the Hang is not really a drum at all, but a tuned metal pan that produces a mellifluous, ethereal tone with echoes of the Trinidadian steel pan or Indian ghatam. Some argue that it is not even a musical instrument, but more a work of art - a sound sculpture.