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Monday 12 October: The Infinite Monkey Cage USA Tour #2 of 4

Brian Cox and Robin Ince continue their tour of the USA, as they take to the stage in LA, as they ask what happens when science meets Hollywood. They ask why so many movies now seem to employ a science advisor, whether scientific accuracy is really important when you are watching a film about a mythical Norse god and whether science fact can actually be far more interesting than science fiction. They are joined by cosmologist Sean Carroll, comedian Joe Rogan, Executive Producer of Futurama, David X Cohen, and Eric Idle.

Tuesday 13 October: Eleanor Roosevelt

Naomi Grimley tells the remarkable life story of Eleanor Roosevelt, the first woman to be at the centre of American politics, and examines her lasting influence.  She hears from historians and biographers about the insecurities that lay underneath the surface of this formidable, political operator, how life’s disappointments shaped Mrs. Roosevelt and how she learnt to cope with the scrutiny and fascination of the mass media.

Wednesday 14 October: The Battle for the Art of Detroit

Detroit, once a symbol of American industrial might, famously filed for bankruptcy, becoming the biggest US city to go broke. Despite many years of financial difficulty, which resulted in 40 per cent of the city's streetlights not working, tens of thousands of abandoned buildings, and a population that declined 25 per cent in the last decade alone, Detroit still had one remaining jewel in its crown - the Detroit Institute of Arts. Its collection was world famous - the first Van Gogh piece to be owned by an American art museum, dazzling Matisses, Rembrandts, a distinguished selection of German Expressionist paintings, along with African art, Native American art, and art from Asia and the Islamic world. Alvin Hall visits Detroit to explore whether the city should keep its art despite its financial difficulty.

Thursday 15 October: A New Day and New Life in Germany

Germany has become the destination of choice for many of the thousands of refugees heading across Europe. Some have dubbed the German Chancellor ‘Mama Merkel’ after the very public welcome she extended to them. But for those who make it there, what is life really like? India Rakusen travels to the city of Hamburg to find out.