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Monday 31 September: Women on the ‘Problem with Science

What are the factors holding back women in science? What can be done to improve gender equality in the lab? Claudia Hammond talks to women scientists in India, Nigeria, Bolivia, the US and the UK about their experiences and views.

Tuesday 1 September: The Naked Diplomat

Matthew Teller travels to Beirut to meet Britain’s mould-breaking Ambassador to Lebanon, Tom Fletcher. Appointed at only 36 years of age, at the height of the Arab uprisings in 2011, Tom Fletcher calls himself the ‘Naked Diplomat’ – a title that suggests a new brand of 21st-century statecraft: flexible, transparent, engaged with the public as much as with political decision-makers.

Wednesday 2 September: The Future of 3D Printing

It is hard to escape the explosion of 3D printing stories in the media. Every day, it seems, the latest developments in 3D printing are thrust in front of our eyes and ears. 3D printing is at the cusp of an electronic and technological revolution - a revolution the likes of which the world hasn't seen since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution over 200 years ago. The indications are that it could soon be possible for 3D printers to manufacture any object from any material, including living cells. Presenter Howard Stableford investigates a specific aspect and whether this development in 3D printing can bring real benefit to the natural world.

Thursday 3 September:  Losing Louisiana

Ten years ago Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, leaving over 1800 people dead and causing billions of dollars of damage. It was dramatic and destructive - but Katrina has been described as 'like a cold suffered by a cancer patient'. The cancer is the erosion of the coastal wetlands of Southern Louisiana, a slow motion environmental disaster that has continued almost unabated since Katrina. Caused by the taming of the Mississippi and oil and gas exploration, a football field of coastal land washes away every hour, and with it the homes, places and livelihoods that have sustained the storied Cajun culture. James Fletcher travels to Bayou Lafourche and the town of Leeville to get to know one community facing the reality of losing their past and their future.