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Monday 18 May
Future of Solar Energy
Roland Pease looks into perovskites - the materials enthusiasts say could transform solar power. Solar power is the fastest growing form of renewable energy. But most of it collected by panels made of silicon - the material that also goes into computer chips. But silicon is an old technology, and researchers have long sought a material that is both better at capturing sunlight. And cheaper to make.

Tuesday 19 May 2015: The Islamic State's Social Media Machine 2 of 2 

Dominic Casciani examines Islamic State’s social media strategy and the attempts to combat it. Are the counter efforts working?

Wednesday 20 May 2015: Music Producer - Nile Rodgers 

Nile Rodgers is a legend of the music business, a man who has written and performed some of the most memorable tracks of the last four decades. Rodgers co-founded Chic, the band which defined the late 70s disco generation. From his own band to his collaborations with everyone from Madonna to Daft Punk, his beat goes on – so what’s the secret to his special sound? He talks with Stephen Sackur. 

Thursday 21 May 2015: Peru's Wildlife for Sale  

The global trade in wildlife is worth an estimated US$20 billion a year. Peru is one of the most biodiverse nations on the planet. But its government estimates 400 species of fauna and flora are in danger of extinction - illicit trafficking is one of the biggest threats. The illegal wildlife trade supplies live birds and animals - mackaws, parrots, monkeys, turtles - for both the local market and overseas collectors. So how is Peru attempting to protect its precious resources? Linda Pressly goes on operations with the wildlife police.