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Monday 30 March 2015: Does Money Make You Mean? #2 of 2

In the second and final part of Does Money Make You Mean? Jack Stewart heads to Hong Kong to explore whether our preoccupation with money is affecting the way we treat other people.  He hears about the growing body of evidence indicating that we behave with less empathy, kindness and generosity when exposed to the idea of money. Most of the research so far is from the United States, but Jack stages his own psychology experiment at the City University of Hong Kong to explore how far these findings hold true there.

Tuesday 31 March 2015: Living India #3 of 3

Indian Journalist Rupa Jha concludes her journey to her own state of Bihar, where nearly 10% of the population now live, facing many of the issues confronting the average citizen. She has tracked four local residents, from a variety of backgrounds, throughout the 2014 election year, to understand how day-to-day life is for the majority of ordinary Indians. Bihar is the height of festival season and Patna is resonating to the sound of loud fireworks and blaring music.

Wednesday 1 April 2015: On Language Location #2 of 2: Myanmar 

Formerly known as Burma, the Republic of the Union of Myanmar is in a state of upheaval. Business is booming in Yangon, thanks to new access to international markets. And while the country is offering greater stability for investors, ethnic and political tensions still run high. Myanmar is a rapidly changing and challenging place.  Anthropologist and linguist Mark Turin explores what these transformations mean for the indigenous ethnic groups that make up much of the population, and specifically for their languages and cultures.

Thursday 2 April 2015: Saving Gaza’s Grand Piano 

It has been hidden away in a dusty corner of an abandoned theatre, unplayed and almost forgotten - a magnificent instrument allowed to moulder away in a territory whose Islamist rulers banned public performances of music. But now Gaza's only grand concert piano is getting a new lease of life. A small Brussels-based charity is restoring it to its former glory and at the same time is working to bring music back into schools. Tim Whewell gets exclusive access to the story of Gaza and its grand piano.