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Monday 23 February: Digitising Stalin

The Stalin Digital Archive is the result of a collaboration between the Russian State Archive of Social and Political History (RGASPI) and Yale University Press and is approaching completion. For Stalin, privacy was key. So how would he feel about his secrets being revealed?   The implications of this decade-long endeavour are explored by journalist and author Daniel Kalder in this documentary "Digitising Stalin' in which over 400,000 pages of archive prise open a safe full of Soviet secrets.The puzzle of papers underlines the suspicion and paranoia that dominated the Stalin era.

Tuesday 24 February: Throwaway Society

Hundreds of millions of computers, mobile phones and televisions are thrown away every year around the world. In this BBC World Service Discovery programme Gaia Vince looks at the reasons behind this rapidly growing mountain of electronic waste and asks, who is responsible - the manufacturers or the consumers? When our gadgets break, maybe we should just be repairing them. Gaia attends a party where people are fixing stuff for themselves.

Wednesday 25 February: My Africa #2 of 3 - Rwanda

In the second programme in the series My Africa, Alan Kasujja travels to Rwanda, a country notorious for the genocide that took place there in 1994. Yet a bright new future beckons for some of its youth, as young female schoolteacher Jessie trains them in the high technology that promises to transform the nation. He also meets Dida, a young female actress and artist, who is sceptical about making Rwanda more global. As a survivor of the horrors of the genocide, she is more concerned with another kind of nation-building: healing the scars of the past and protecting Rwanda’s ancient linguistic culture.

Thursday 26 February: Activist and Rapper Tef Poe

Hardtalk speaks to the activist and rapper Tef Poe. He's described the fatal shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, of unarmed teenager Michael Brown as a "declaration of war" by the police. Tef Poe has stated that "my grandparents endured this type of treatment so we wouldn't have to". So if you are young, black and poor in America today are you at war with the police?