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Monday 2 February 2015: Robbie Rogers - Footballer 

Stephen Sackur talks with gay footballer Robbie Rogers on locker room homophobia and the ‘pack mentality’ in soccer. Robbie Rogers is a US international who plays for LA Galaxy. He broke football's great taboo by very publicly coming out after a spell in English football. But why haven't other gay footballers followed his lead?

Tuesday 3 February 2015: The Life Scientific: Margaret Boden

Maggie Boden is a world authority in the field of artificial intelligence – she even has a robot named in her honour. As research professor of Cognitive Science at the University of Sussex, Maggie has spent a lifetime attempting to answer philosophical questions about the nature of the human mind, but from a computational viewpoint. “Tin cans”, as she sometimes calls computers, are information processing systems, the perfect vehicle, she believes, to help us understand, explore and analyse the mind.

Wednesday 4 February 2015: Love Your Wife Day

Japan’s annual Love your Wife Day shout-out is one of the more unusual rituals to have emerged in recent years. But what does it tell us about love and life in Japan today?  Chie Kobayashi meets some of the men taking part - and their wives, and through their personal stories explores some of the bigger themes of love and life in contemporary Japan.  But she also finds that, behind the light-heartedness of the event, some darker relationship truths come to light with serious implications for Japanese society.

Thursday 5 February 2015: August Shines

In 2014 Lenny Henry won the London Critics’ Circle award for his best-actor performance as Troy Maxson in August Wilson’s play Fences, but many people admitted they knew little about this great black playwright, whose work brought the lives of working-class Pittsburgh African Americans to Broadway and across the United States.  In this programme Lenny Henry tells the story of August Wilson, America's greatest modern black playwright.