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Monday 12 January 2015: Sebastian Coe (Lord Coe)

The sporting world has been tainted by the constant drip of doping allegations, bribery and corruption – does it need a 'Mr Clean' to fix it? Hardtalk speaks to Sebastian Coe – former British Olympic champion. He set 12 world records during his athletics career on the track and went on to hold many roles in various sporting organisations. Now he wants to become the president of the International Association of Athletics Federations, the IAAF. What more can be done to help clean up sport?

Tuesday 13 January 2015: Cabin Fever

Finding your comfort zone can be difficult at 35,000 feet. As cash-strapped carriers try to put more passengers on each plane, flyers are feeling the squeeze. But there are innovations and advancements being made in aircraft design and London is leading the way with a cluster of firms in this specialist market. Peter Day asks about the width and breadth of these changes and when they will start to make some difference to air travellers everywhere.

Wednesday 14 January 2015: Death, Sex and Money

We like to think of our romantic lives as pure and unbothered by the cold business of spreadsheets and tax documents. But serious relationships are both romantic and financial partnerships. When the American podcast Death, Sex and Money put out a call for stories about love and money, the emails and voice messages started pouring in.

Thursday 15 January 2015: Virtual Therapy

e-Therapy has come a long way since the (slightly tongue in cheek) days of ELIZA, a very early attempt at computer based psychotherapy. ELIZA was little more than an algorithm that spotted patterns in words and returned empty, yet meaningful-sounding questions back at the user. All sorts of e-therapies are now available to help low-moderate level mental health issues. But could Virtual Reality technology bring the next great leap in our understanding of mental processes, and, in turn, be the basis of future psychotherapies? Quentin Cooper meets some of the researchers trying to find out.