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Monday 29 December 2014: For Ever and Ever (Cathedrals)

Britain's cathedrals have defined the landscape for more than 1000 years as places of worship, tourist attractions, and unrivaled architectural achievements. But what's their role in the 21st century? Peter Day hears about the business of running some of the country's most famous places.

Tuesday 30 December 2014: Can Maths Combat Terrorism?

Dr Hannah Fry investigates the hidden patterns behind terrorism and asks whether mathematics could be used to predict the next 9/11. When computer scientists decided to study the severity and frequency of 30,000 terrorist attacks worldwide, they found a distinctive pattern hiding in the data. Even though the events spanned 5,000 cities in 187 countries over 40 years, every single attack fitted neatly onto a curve, described by an equation known as a 'power law'.

Wednesday 31 December 2014: no programme

Thursday 1 January 2015: Still Standing: 10 years on from the Tsunami

Ten years on from the tsunami which killed 30,000 people in Sri Lanka, survivors talk about how Buddhism has helped heal the trauma. The Indian Ocean nation lost over 30,000 people in the Boxing Day disaster and, as a predominantly Buddhist nation, the grieving and homeless were taken into temples for food, shelter and spiritual support.