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Monday 1 December 2014: Painful Medicine

Addictions researcher, Dr Sally Marlow, investigates fears that easy access to powerful painkillers could be creating a large, but hidden problem of addiction. Painkillers are widely available over the counter, and combinations containing codeine, which is addictive, can be purchased from pharmacists and on the internet. Some health professionals believe easy access is fuelling a potential health crisis and say those with serious dependency problems, are hidden below the healthcare radar.

Tuesday 2 December 2014: Hindutva: Hindu Nationalism in India

In recent months, the Yazidis have been propelled into the international spotlight as entire villages have emptied of their residents in the wake of the ruthless advance of IS militants. The BBC's Anna Macnamee asks what the future is for this complex religious community which blends Zoroastrianism and Mesopotamian rituals with Christian, Jewish and Sufi influences?

Wednesday 3 December 2014: Sister Aimee

Naomi Grimley explores the compelling life story of Sister Aimee, visiting her temple in LA and the remote castle she built to escape the prying eyes of the press. Naomi asks what this extraordinary woman’s life tells us about two of America’s enduring themes – faith and fame.

Thursday 4 December 2014: Afghanistan: The Lessons of War

Major General Andrew Mackay, had different approach to his predecessors as commander of the British and Coalition forces in Afghanistan's Helmand province. And having finished his tour of duty, he's adopted another new strategy. Our window on the World tonight finds General Mackay fronting a BBC Documentary that is a personal journey to find out what has been achieved by the 14-year-campaign in Afghanistan.