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Monday 11 August 2014: TV Host - Jerry Springer

Stephen Sackur speaks to the king of tabloid trash-talking television in the United States - Jerry Springer. His show specialises in dysfunctional relationships and sex. His guests curse, throw chairs and sometimes fight. Critics call it cynical and manipulative TV, but it’s made him famous and rich. So does he care?

Tuesday 12 August 2014: Jihadi Converts

Converts to Islam are far more likely to be involved in terrorist incidents than those who were born into Muslim families: converts account for around a quarter of terrorist convictions in Britain since 9/11, yet they represent only 2-3% of the UK's Muslim population. Zubeida Malik investigates why new Muslims appear to be so vulnerable to the call of jihadi recruiters.

Wednesday 13 August 2014: Columbia's Lost Children

In Colombia’s decades-long Marxist guerrilla war, thousands of rebel fighters have been female. But what happens when a woman gives birth in the jungle? Having babies is against guerrilla rules, and many of those who got pregnant were forced to have abortions. But those who managed to conceal their pregnancies for long enough were able to give birth. And then they were forced to give their babies up. The BBC World Service’s Margarita Rodriguez, herself Colombian and pregnant with her first child, returns to her native country to meet some of these former fighters who are desperately looking for their children, and witnesses a reunion.

Thursday 14 August 2014: A Tale of Two Theatres

Istanbul-born former DJ, Mehmet Ergen guides us through the politically charged arts scene of Turkey. Mehmet Ergen became the toast of London's theatre scene by creating venues – and careers – from scratch. In 2000 he transformed a derelict clothing factory in Dalston into a destination venue. Not content to run 'a powerhouse of new work' in his adopted city, he later opened its opposite number back in his hometown.