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Monday 19 May 2014: Fair Shares: The Sharing Economy

Home swaps, driving your neighbour’s car, private car parking in your drive, even renting your neighbour’s clothes. They are all part of a new style of collaborative enterprise in which nearly everyone can join and (maybe) make money – the ‘shared economy’. Peter Day investigates the opportunities and snags of the sharing economy and asks if it could become a big democratic movement.

Tuesday 20 May 2014: Mark Miodownik: Stuff

Jim al-Kallili talks with Mark Miodownik about stuff. He's a man equally at home in a nuclear laboratory as he is in an art gallery and believes making is as important as reading and writing. Working at a nuclear weapons laboratory in the US, he enjoyed huge budgets and the freedom to make the most amazing materials. But he gave that up to work with artists and designers because he believes that if you ignore the sensual aspects of materials, you end up with materials that people don't want.

Wednesday 21 May 2014: Being Brazilian #2 of 2

In the second part of the series "Being Brazillian" Julia Carneiro examines the issue of race. Brazil has long presented itself as a country which enjoys great racial diversity and it has the largest black population outside Africa. Yet despite this, under the surface race is a taboo. She gets to the heart of Brazilian identity, and examines the roles that race and class play in Brazilian society.

Thursday 22 May 2014: Betraying the Faith: Abuse in Jewish Brooklyn

New York’s Brooklyn district is home to more than 200,000 Ultra-Orthodox Jews who live in close-knit enclaves, according to strict religious laws. A culture of secrecy and denial is said to have surrounded the crime of child sexual abuse in this area, with some rabbis preferring to deal with it internally, rather than calling in police. Matt Wells hears from one man who says he was sexually abused in a religious bath house but thrown out of summer camp for speaking out. He also talks to rabbis who can’t agree themselves how cases of sex abuse should be handled.