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Monday 30 December: Return to Mawson’s Antarctica (Part 2 of 4)

Between 1911 and 1914, Douglas Mawson explored a fiercely-harsh part of Antarctica while the more-celebrated Scott and Amundsen raced to the South Pole elsewhere on the frozen continent. We join the Australasian Antarctic Expedition 2013 studying the ice and the water beneath in part two of the BBC World Service Discovery Series: Return to Mawson’s Antarctica.

Tuesday 31 December : No programme

Wednesday 1 January 2014: Curtain-Up (Pantomimes)

Pantomime is a very British tradition, still as popular as ever with audiences. But it's also an important annual cash cow for regional theatres and big production companies. Peter Day goes to Nottingham to follow the progress of the city's two rival pantomimes: one made in-house at the Nottingham Playhouse, with a much-loved dame on his thirtieth (and last) pantomime and the other at the Theatre Royal, bought in from a big pantomime making production company starring the American Baywatch actor known as "The Hoff". He finds out what's involved and why pantomimes matter so much to regional theatres.

Thursday 2 January: Brazil: Fighting Slavery

Brazil's anti-slavery hit-squads are unique. Since 1995, these committed bands of labour inspectors, accompanied by heavily armed police, have rescued 46,000 people deemed to be working as slaves. But Brazil's legal definition of slavery is  contentious. It includes degrading conditions of work, which campaigners say amount to coercion. Linda Pressly meets the campaigners, employers and politicians on both sides of the argument, and hears powerful testimony from the workers trapped in the middle.

Friday 3 January: Lines in the Sand

The BBC’s International Development Correspondent Mark Doyle investigates the growing Jihadist threat across the Sahara and Sahel regions of Africa, and asks if a series of separate conflicts are becoming part of a wider front.