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Monday 16 December: Entrepreneur of the Year

Global Business looks at four stories of business struggle and success from the World Entrepreneur of the Year Awards in Monte Carlo. Peter Day speaks to New Zealand serial entrepreneur Craig Heatley, who got his start with a mini-golf course and ended up in charge of a media powerhouse. Sipho Nkosi is a mining entrepreneur in South Africa;  another African entrepreneur, Emmanuel Katongole, has big plans to manufacture pharmaceuticals in Uganda with his company, Quality Chemicals; and,  Guenter Edlinger of Guger Technologies talks about how cutting edge brain science that lead to his venture in the business world.

Tuesday 17 December: Jamaica: The Harder they Come (Part 2 of 2)

Chris Salewicz talks to the musicians in Jamaica who were directly inspired into a life of crime by The Harder They Come. He asks why so many Jamaican musicians have associations with criminality, and looks at how Kingston’s gun culture began when politicians divided up downtown Kingston.

Wednesday 18 December: The Revenge Porn Avengers

When a group of young Texan women found themselves on a so-called ‘revenge porn’ website they decided to fight back and are now at the forefront of a push across the Unites States to criminalise ‘revenge porn’. The women say they want justice, but their critics accuse them of trampling on freedom of speech. James Fletcher travels to Texas to meet them.

Thursday 19 December: Inside the Vatican

Mark Dowd explores the crises that hit the Roman Catholic Church in the months leading up to the Papal resignation - the leaking of secret documents by the Pope's butler (widely known as Vatileaks) revealing power struggles at the top of the Church, investigations into money-laundering at the Vatican Bank and claims that a 'gay lobby' controls sections of the Roman Curia, the Church's civil service.