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Monday 9 December: Water

Water is one of the world’s most precious resources yet billions of people don’t have enough even in places where it is cheap or free. How to provide clean and safe water to people in the developing world is a vexing problem and one that is attracting attention from business. In this programme Peter Day visits growing urban areas in Kenya and Zambia and talks to some of the people who have taken on the challenge of providing water, he also meets those who are struggling to get enough water for their daily needs.

Tuesday 10 December: Jamaica: The Harder they Come #1 of 2

40 years after the premiere of The Harder They Come music journalist Chris Salewicz explores the legacy of the film which introduced reggae to the world. He examines its role in the spread of Jamaican fashion and music, and also asks whether it created a blueprint for the artist as gangster which continues to permeate the Jamaican music industry.  In the first of two programmes he meets the stars of The Harder They Come, and those who have been touched by this classic of modern cinema and its soundtrack.

Wednesday 11 December: Journalist - Glenn Greenwald

When Edward Snowden leaked American intelligence secrets the whole world became aware of the extent of US-UK surveillance of global phone and internet traffic. Hardtalk speaks to journalist, Glenn Greenwald - the man who broke the Snowden story. His mission, he says, is to hold power to account. Stephen Sackur asks if his journalistic crusade has gone too far.

Thursday 12 December: India: Resisting Rape

One year on from the horrific attack in Delhi, Joanna Jolly hears from three women who have chosen to report a rape in a country that is at last waking up to the problem. The authorities have introduced tougher laws since the young student was raped on a bus last December but is the experience of women who choose to prosecute their attackers getting any better? Three women talk about their struggle: reporting rape to a not always sympathetic police, being examined in the government's often overcrowded hospitals and finally standing up in court.