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Monday 11 November: The Tale of Two Chinas #2

Peter Day explores two very contrasting enclaves in China – the place they call the reddest village in China and home to the last Maoist collective; and Beijing's Silicon Valley District, the city's first tech business incubator where you’re catapulted to the China of the 21st century, with young people pushing the boundaries of the internet to create a very different China to that of Mao's 60 years ago.

Tuesday 12 November: Women Farmers: A Day in the Life of Polly Apio

Polly Apio is a smallholder farmer in rural Uganda. Almost as soon as she gets up in the morning she starts work and she doesn’t stop until it’s time to go to bed again. Polly’s life is typical of most women in Uganda, where men own and control the land, but women who toil in the fields to provide the food to feed their families. Cecile Wright went to Uganda to experience a day in the life of Polly Apio, and to explore the efforts and determination of women in Uganda to take control of their lives.

Wednesday 13 November: Who's Left Holding the Baby? #2 of 2

Journalist and working mother Madeleine Morris looks around the world at alternative approaches to childcare. In the second programme of 'Who's Left Holding the Baby' , she visits China.

Thursday 14 November: Indonesia: The Humungous Healthcare Plan

On 1 January 2014 Indonesia will launch the largest public health insurance scheme in the world. It will unite a bewildering array of current schemes to cover the entire population, with the poor getting their health care free. In this BBC World Service Assignment Clare Bolderson asks does the world's fourth most populous country have the resources and organisational skills to make such an ambitious scheme work?