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Monday 4 November: China’s Crossroads #1

In the first of the 2013 Global Business series, Peter Day travels to the centre of China, the city of Zhengzhou in Henan province. For centuries the city has been known as the crossroads of the country, situated by the Yellow River and where the north-south and east-west railways meet. It’s an apt place to investigate China’s economy at its own crossroads.

Tuesday 5 November: The Pink Panthers

Documentary maker Havana Marking gains extraordinary access to the inner workings of an international criminal group made up of 200 people, who came together out of the chaos and criminality of the Balkan Wars. Nicknamed The Pink Panthers, they are a gang that steals jewels from high end stores all over the world. Their hallmarks are intensive planning and extraordinary speed.

Wednesday 6 November: Who's Left Holding the Baby? #1 of 2

With more and more women going back to work after having children, childcare - its costs and its developmental implications - has become one of the most vexed issues for new parents. Madeleine Morris is one of those parents and like so many parents in developed countries, she now pays a large proportion of her salary to keep her child in nursery. She is constantly rushing to pick up, drop off and get home for bath time, feeling guilty all the while. In Who's Holding the Baby? Madeleine asks if this is the only way. She and 2 year old Scarlett set out to discover two vastly different approaches to caring for children, as found in Fiji and China, and the social politics and emotions that go with them.

Thursday 7 November: The Bucket List

Cancer-fighting Helen Fawkes shares her list of things she wants to do before she dies. 10 years ago, faced with ovarian cancer, Helen Fawkes wrote a list of things she wanted to do before she died. Having beaten the cancer she set about ticking things off her list and became a BBC Foreign Correspondent just weeks after finishing her chemotherapy. She spent almost seven years reporting on war and revolution from Russia, the Ukraine and Sarajevo before moving back to the UK to become a BBC News Correspondent. In late 2012 she was told the cancer was back for a third time and that this time it was incurable.  Helen explores why she wrote her list, through conversations with spiritual advisors, therapists and other Bucket-Listers.