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Monday 7 October: Kit of Life

Peter Day is in Zambia to follow the story of a social entrepreneur's 'kit of life'. He meets Simon Berry, who applied the profit-driven ideas of multinational companies to tackle diarrhoea, a disease that kills more African children than HIV, malaria and measles combined.

Tuesday 8 October: David Kilcullen - Author and Counter-insurgency Expert

The dozens of deaths in the Nairobi shopping mall siege last month has raised questions both inside Kenya and elsewhere as to the nature of future terror attacks - who will carry them out, and where? Hardtalk speaks to counter-insurgency expert David Kilcullen. He has worked in just about every conflict zone across several continents, including in Somalia, Kenya and Syria. Is the world in danger of underplaying the current terrorist threat?

Wednesday 9 October: Thabo Makoba - Archbishop of Cape Town

When Thabo Makgoba was made Archbishop of Cape Town in 2006, he was filling some big shoes as the successor to Archibishop Desmond Tutu. Audrey Brown meets Archbishop Makgoba to hear about his rise from poverty in the Alexandra Township, and the challenges he has faced. The Archbishop outlines his concerns for South Africa as it’s forced to face up to a future without Nelson Mandela, and for the General Elections in 2014 as the country is still grappling with its post-apartheid identity. And he discusses the role of the Church in this political climate, and in the religious life of South Africa’s Christians.

Thursday 10 October: China & America: Harmony and Hostility

The BBC's North America Editor Mark Mardell travels to China to explore the most important geopolitical relationship in the world today, between China and America.