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Monday 9 September: The Road to Zambezi Street (Part 1 of 2)

With abundant water and minerals, a mostly democratic and peaceful recent history and a strategic location at the heart of southern Africa, Zambia appears poised on the brink of success. Why then in some key development indicators – such as access to clean water – is the country actually moving backwards? Peter Day meets the country’s leaders and talks to people and businesses affected by the country’s poor water and power systems. What could drag down Zambia's bustling economy – and what lessons are there for other countries?

Tuesday 10 September: Actor, writer and director Steven Berkoff

Allan Little talks to the acclaimed actor, writer and director Steven Berkoff. He’s spent over 50 years in the theatre and on film, rocking the establishment with his outspoken and often angry views. His work ranges from appearances in A Clockwork Orange and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo; to adaptations of Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis. He has also written a number of his own plays – one of which he appeared in at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe. He believes the art world is letting audiences down by abandoning serious, quality drama to pursue mass audiences. So what is theatre – art or entertainment?

Wednesday 11 September: Boom and Bust in Mackay

While many developed economies have recently dipped into recession, Australia is enjoying a record 22nd consecutive year of growth. Thanks to a resources boom driven by demand from China, the global economic downturn barely registered in the ‘lucky country’. But China’s growth is now stuttering, resource prices have fallen, and mining companies are laying off thousands of workers. James Fletcher travels to Mackay in Queensland’s coal country to hear one town’s tales from the boom and see how it’s dealing with the current bust.

Thursday 12 September: Turkey: The New Ottomans (Part 3 of 3)

Alan Little analyses Turkey’s relationship with Europe, especially in the Balkans. Turkish businessmen have been rapidly rebuilding their links with the Balkan states – and some saw this as a first step towards rebuilding bridges to Western Europe. The dream of eventual EU membership was a powerful influence on the early years of the AKP. However, opposition from France and more recently Germany have made that dream seem unlikely to happen for a generation. Where can Turkey now turn if not to Europe?