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Monday 26 August: Gene Patenting

Ever since the mapping of the human genome was completed 10 years ago medical companies have been rushing to patent genes that define all of us for their own exclusive use. Now the US Supreme Court has ruled against patenting things found in nature. Peter Day asks what this means for the biotech business.and for the future of healthcare.

Tuesday 27 August: The Talmud (Part 1 of 2)

Rabbi Naftali Brawer delves into one of the greatest books ever written which holds the key to unlocking Jewish thinking and history – The Talmud.  In the first of a two-part series he travels to Jerusalem to gain rare access to one of the world’s leading ultra-orthodox yeshivas – the Mir. Here, he finds young men who will study these ancient Hebrew and Aramaic texts, full-time, for anything up to 30 or 40 years. They explain how arguing and debate are ways to understand the ancient wisdom of the rabbis that have contributed to the Talmud through the ages and are still tell you everything you need to know to be a Jew today.

Wednesday 28 August: UN Representative, Syrian Coalition - Najib Ghabian

A senior US intelligence official has warned that Syria has become the "predominant jihadist battlefield in the world". As many as 10,000 foreigners could now be fighting there and the US fears they could return as part of a global jihadist movement that threatens Europe and the United States. There appears to be stalemate on the ground: the United Nations says Syria is "in freefall". Hardtalk speaks to Najib Ghadbian, the UN and US representative of the opposition Syrian coalition. What should he and others do to end the crisis?

Thursday 29 August: The New Ottomans (Part 1 of 3)

In a three-part series Allan Little charts the re-emergence of Turkey as a powerful force in then Muslim world. Over the last two decades Turkey’s sustained economic growth has transformed the country. Now it is pursuing a foreign policy agenda to match its growing regional and global significance.  In this first programme Allan examines Turkey’s journey over the last century, beginning with the birth of the republic and the rigid military-backed secularism of Kemal Ataturk.