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Monday 15 April: Productivity Puzzle

Something strange is happening to the economy. In Britain, recession is not hitting the total number of people in employment, which means that the nation's vital productivity rate is falling. In the USA, productivity has gone on rising, detaching itself from the rise in jobs for the first time since World War II. Behind the figures, Peter Day has been trying to find out what's going on and why it matters to a country's standard of living.

Tuesday 16 April: The Forgotten Black Cowboys

Hollywood shows us a wild west populated only by white cowboys. But it's only part of the story, as Sarfraz Manzoor discovers as he goes in search of America's black cowboys. On his journey through Texas, he finds that the west was populated by both African Americans and Hispanic cowboys, and that their legacy lives on today.

Wednesday 17 April: Lord Maurice Saatchi

Rarely does the death of a long-retired politician prompt a genuinely worldwide reaction, but Margaret Thatcher was one of a kind. Britain’s first female prime minister transformed her own country, and provided the world with a model of market economics and conviction politics, which was inspirational to some, repellent to others. Hardtalk speaks to a man who played a key role in the creation of Thatcherism. Maurice, now Lord Saatchi, was the advertising guru who helped define, and sell, what she stood for

Thursday 18 April: Ukraine HIV

Lucy Ash returns to Kyiv and Odessa to find out why Ukraine is having difficulties combatting HIV. She first investigated the country’s fight against HIV 12 years ago and finds that Ukraine now has the second highest infection rate in Europe, surpassed only by Russia, while other countries around the world are managing to reduce the rates of HIV and Aids-related deaths.