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Monday 25 March: India (Part 2 of 3)

Peter Day continues his three part series in India.  This week - identity. India is attempting to give every one of its citizens an individual biometric identity. It’s the world’s largest technological project. Critics say it is a huge waste of money, and is susceptible to fraud. But its advocates believe it could help transform the nation, cutting fraud in the welfare system, and bringing tens, if not hundreds of millions of poor people, into the banking system.

Tuesday 26 March: Lord Bilimoria – Founder and Chairman of Cobra Beer

Britain and India are two countries united by 200 years of shared history but now with an ever growing distance in ties. India is a rising global economic powerhouse: Britain a former imperial power in search of a global boost to its ailing economy. When the British prime-minister David Cameron visited India in February, he took a 100 strong trade delegation with him. Amongst them was the Indian born British entrepreneur, Karan Bilimoria, who was founding chairman of the UK-India Business Council. He joins Zeinab Bedawi on HARDTalk to discuss Britain's relevance to India today.

Wednesday 27 March: Future of Higher Education

Alastair Leithead looks at the changing face of learning and higher education and asks what the future might look like. Will the growth of online courses give everyone the same chance of a world class education? Will a sophisticated revolution in online teaching, learning and business meet the shortage of higher education across the world?

Thursday 28 March: Tunisia’s Harlem Shake

The Harlem Shake is an internet dance craze which has been performed around the world. But in Tunisia, dancers have been attacked by religious conservatives known as Salafists. As Neal Razzell reports, it’s the latest example of growing polarisation in the birthplace of the Arab Spring. He meets young conservative women who complain that students are being allowed to dance half naked at school, while they’re banned from attending class in the veil, or niqab.