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Monday 18 March: Indian Economy (Part 1 of 3)

The Indian economy is stalling. It was one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Now growth has declined dramatically. China has outpaced India and India’s democracy is often blamed for slowing decisions and actions. Peter Day investigates what has caused the slowdown in the world’s largest democracy.

Tuesday 19 March: AB Yehoshua - Author

The conflict between Israelis and Palestinians arouses passions like few others. But on one thing most people can agree: that there’s no prospect of the struggle ending anytime soon. So given the failure of the politicians and the diplomats, the militants and the liberals – what should we take from the words of the writer? A.B. Yehoshua is known as one of Israel’s great men of letters. His latest book is seen by some as a powerful allegory of the journey Israeli Jews need to take. Tim Franks interviews A.B. Yehoshua on BBC HARDTalk.

Wednesday 20 March: Pilbara (Part 1 of 2)

Our window on the world over the next two nights takes us back to Western Australia and the mining boom and its implications for the indigenous Aborigines. Neil Trevithick and Kirsti Melville drive south from the Kimberley into the even-larger area of the Pilbara which has been heavily mined for more than 50 years. Known as the engine room of Australia, the Pilbara digs up and produces millions of tons of iron ore, copper, natural gas, salt and fertilizers annually, and is home to the world’s largest privately-owned railways. Production is soaring to meet booming demand from Asia and is dominated by a few huge mining companies.

Thursday 21 March: Pilbara (Part 2 of 2)

Continuing the investigation into the mining boom in Western Australia - with a focus on the Pilbara. If there are any lessons to be learnt about the good and the bad that mining brings to country and community then it is in the Pilbara. Neil Trevithick and Kirsti Melville talk to miners, mining companies, FIFO workers, Aboriginal communities, the Premier of Western Australia, Colin Barnett, and to local citizens: the accountants, estate agents, social workers and others who want to makes their lives here and bring up their children in the engine room.