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Monday 28 January: The New Normal

Peter Day travels to the British Midlands to find out how beleaguered manufacturers are coping with the most difficult economy in decades. The region used to be the metal bashing heartland of the country but now manufacturers, service providers and entrepreneurs starting their own companies are all struggling to find a way to keep profitable in an era of low growth. What lessons have been learned over the past five years and how can the past help plan the way forward for the future?

Tuesday 29 January: Pity the Poor Soccer Stars (Part 2 of 2)

Why do so many African football stars go from rags to riches - and back to rags again? BBC sport correspondent Farayi Mungazi travels to Zambia, South Africa and Ghana to find out.

Wednesday 30 January: Libya - life after revolution

Writer and journalist Justin Marozzi travels to Libya to report on whether the fractured country can come together again after its revolution in 2011. Marozzi, who has been visiting Libya over the last twenty years, including during the revolution, asks if reconciliation is possible while different armed groups continue to fight each other?

Thursday 31 January: What If… Chicken Conquers the World (Part 1 of 2)

Susie Emmett goes on a journey to investigate chicken production, an industry which dates back 10,000 years. In programme one Emmett visits farms with millions of birds, speaks to the reclusive world-dominating poultry breeders who control the genetics of most of the 50 billion chickens eaten globally each year, and travels to the US to see the grain harvest which feeds the birds that feed us. Emmett also hears concerns that modern chicken-keeping is all about the needs of those who eat them and not those of the chickens.