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Monday 21 January: Starting Young

Leave college, start a business. That is the idea behind a high-powered new project called Entrepreneur First, taking 30 new graduates through the hazardous first stages of launching their own companies. Peter Day charts the progress of some of them, from initial idea to plausible proposition, and beyond.

Tuesday 22 January: Pity the Poor Soccer Stars (Part 1 of 2)

Why do so many African football stars go from rags to riches - and back to rags again? In this two part series, the BBC sport correspondent Farayi Mungazi travels to Zambia, South Africa and Ghana to find out. This is more than just a story about football itself; it goes to the heart of African society too. As Farayi discovers, one of the most significant factors in the downfall of rich, successful players can be the demands of their own extended families.

Wednesday 23 January: Rupert Everett - actor

Rupert Everett achieved success in his early twenties through his acclaimed lead role in Another Country and Dance With A Stranger. But much of this success was lost in a haze of sexual promiscuity and alcohol. Later in the '90s he had a fleeting brush with Holywood stardom. As an openly gay actor in movie business, did sexual descrimation rob him of a chance of becoming an A-list star? Stephen Sackur talks to Rupert Everett about his career and his film directorial debut about Oscar Wilde.

Thursday 24 January: Tajik Drugs

Tajikistan is a transit point for one of the most lucrative drugs routes in the world. Illegal drugs from neighbouring Afghanistan flood into the country on their way to Russia and Western Europe. Rustam Qobil travels to remote border villages in Tajikistan to find out how communities are being affected by the drugs trade.