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Monday 7 January:  The Hackers

Simon Cox delves into the strange world of hacktivism - hacker activists - as he tracks down some hackers and speaks to those who are trying to catch them.

Tuesday 8 January: Burma

Lucy Ash asks what the explosion in popular protest over a Chinese backed copper mine says about changes in Burma. Will this be a test case for the government's commitment to democratic reforms?

Wednesday 9 January: Johnny Cash & the Forgotten Prison Blues (Part 1 of 2)

Writer and broadcaster, Danny Robins, explores the little-known side to Johnny Cash’s career as a performer and reformer in prisons in a two-part BBC series.

Thursday 10 January: Japan's Forced Confessions

In Japan the majority of crimes are solved by the use of confessions. But there’s growing concern that too many of these confessions are forced and unsound. Mariko Oi investigates.