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Tuesday 1 January 2013: Etty

Etty Hillesum chronicled the events in Amsterdam of the Dutch Nazi occupation. She made a special spiritual transcendence throughout the course of these years. Along with her close circle of friends, many of whom were not Jewish, she tried to retain her way of life. Her cultured evenings of music making and concert going, and her visits to the fine art museums, but slowly her world became smaller and more confined. By late 1942, she was left malnourished, without any freedom to roam the streets and with only her few possessions - her valued books by writers such as Jung, Dostoyevsky and The Bible, a few pot plants - and of course this diary she kept, to keep her comforted. Etty perished in one of the Nazi death camps in 1943.

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Wednesday 2 January 2013: 2013 Look Ahead

Day of BBC Global Business talks with three experts about what trends to look for in 2013. .

Mark Anderson of the on-line newsletter  Stategic News; David Mattin  of and Caroline Webb of SevenShift Leadership consultancy

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Thursday 3 January 2013: Why do women outlive men

Baby girls born today in the UK can expect to live to 82 years old, whereas boys on average will die 4 years earlier. Evolutionary biologist Dr Yan Wong looks at the latest evidence suggesting that where ageing is concerned, men seem to be at a genetic disadvantage. From research on ancient Korean eunuchs to laboratory fruit flies, new studies seek the answer to why males across the animal kingdom live faster and die younger. So, is the gender gap here to stay?

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