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Monday 10 December: Turkey (Part 1 of 2)

Peter Day reports from Turkey which is fast developing into a significant economic power. In the past two years, growth has reached 8% on a par with the economic might of China. How have they done it and can it be sustained.

Tuesday 11 December: The Halabja Project

In March 1988, Saddam Hussein unleashed the full cruelty of chemical weapons, attacking the rebellious Kurdish town of Halabja. It is estimated that the mustard gas and other chemicals killed at least 5000 civilians. They were hastily buried in mass graves, unidentified and unidentifiable, because of the continued risk of poisoning. There are still traces of mustard gas remaining in cellars in the town, making them inaccessible to this day.  The BBC's foreign affairs editor John Simpson returns to Kurdistan nearly 25 years after this chemical attack on civilians.

Wednesday 12 December: US Prison Rape

Linda Pressly investigates why rape and sexual abuse is so common in America's huge prison system - and asks if new measures to fight it will succeed.

Thursday 13 December: HARDtalk - Mike Newell

HARDtalk speaks to one of the most successful film directors in the world, Mike Newell. Responsible for box office hits like Four Weddings and a Funeral, Donnie Brasco and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, he could make almost any film he wants. So why choose his latest movie - a remake of the classic Dickens novel Great Expectations. What more is there to add when there have already been so many adaptions?