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Monday 3 December: Brooklyn Start-Ups

Peter Day reports from the New York City borough of Brooklyn, that used to be the city’s industrial heartland, and home to companies like the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer. Brooklyn’s manufacturing base has been in long-term decline, but now artisan start-up companies are making the borough hip again, and bringing new employment. Ironically, some are housed in the former Pfizer headquarters. Can they reverse Brooklyn’s industrial decline?

Tuesday 4 December: Tehrangeles

The largest Iranian community outside Iran can be found in the heart of LA. What is that diaspora's story?  Iranian stand-up comedian and actor Maz Jobrani begins his journey on Westwood Boulevard, a street lined with Iranian stores, restaurants, beauty salons, cafes and businesses, where everyone speaks Farsi and all the shop signs are in Persian. How, against the backdrop of 32 years of hostility between America and Iran since the 1979 US hostage crisis, have they succeeded in making their mark?

Wednesday 5 December: At the Mercy of the Men with Guns - Afghanistan’s Warlords

In many remote areas of Afghanistan – where few foreign journalists have access - it’s the Kalashnikov rather than the ballot box that dictates who holds power. The men with the guns are the powerful local warlords. For Assignment Rustam Qobil reports from the northern province of Takhar on how the local warlords exercise their power.

Thursday 6 December: The Language of Lullabies

A documentary exploring the music and narrative of a selection of lullabies from around the world - examining their themes, melodies and role in child development. Around the world lullabies pave the road to sleep and dreams, and in every culture the 'signature' melodies and inflections of a mother tongue are carried in lullabies. This prepares a child's voice, brain and ear for language.