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Monday 1 October: Iceland - In From the Cold

Peter Day reports from Iceland on its economic recovery from the 2008 banking crisis.

Tuesday 2 October: The Battle for Point Hope (1 of 2)

The Battle for Point Hope is a two part series in which May Abdalla travels to the settlement of Point Hope, in the Arctic Circle, to meet the Inupiat people and to learn of their fears and hopes of an oil rich Arctic future.  Shell has begun exploratory drilling for oil in the Arctic. Recently they anchored a drilling barge and began the drilling process. They will return next year to continue their exploration. If they strike oil, this pristine landscape will be officially open for business as the rush is on to tap the untold resources beneath the frozen ocean.

Wednesday 3 October: Wanting Out of New Zealand’s Gangs

New Zealand's street gangs are established, territorial and notoriously intimidating. There are more than forty different gangs, many steeped in crime and violence that hold entire communities in their grip - and membership is for life. Poorer areas are particularly affected, and a disproportionate number of members are Maori or Pacific Islanders. For Assignment Rebecca Kesby talks to the people at the centre of the country’s unique gang culture.

Thursday 4 October: Real America - Part 3 of 3: Bon Voyage

Bon Voyage brings the listener along on the intimate, emotional journey of a same-sex couple coping with mortality. It's about how we try to meet death on our own terms, but death has its own agenda.