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Monday 24 September: Emerging Markets

Multinational used to mean a Western (and usually American) company exporting products around the world. But in the wake of the rise of the BRICs and other economic powerhouses, a new wave of companies has arrived on the global stage, some operating in quite different ways than the giants of the past. Peter Day asks three experts about a new wave of companies with global ambitions.

Tuesday 25 September: Can Latinos Save America? (Part 2 of 2)

America is a country built on immigrants' dreams of a better life. Equally, the country has used successive waves of immigration to build an economic powerhouse. Critics say that powerhouse is now in decline. And now that Latinos are part of the fabric of the nation, what role will they play in the forthcoming US elections?

Wednesday 26 September: Adoption in Japan

It's a unique Japanese practice. Each year in Japan there are tens of thousands of unusual adoptions – very different from adoptions elsewhere in the world. They're mostly of grown men, adopted by their wife's family, so that they can then take over the family business and keep the family name alive. Mariko Oi has been to Japan to investigate.

Thursday 27 September: Real America (Part 2 of 3: Waiting In Line In America)

Benjamen Walker investigates how priority queueing is re-ordering American society.