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Monday 3 September: Coal Comfort

Peter Day looks at the insatiable demand for coal and asks if it can ever go green.

Tuesday 4 September: Swimming With Piranhas

Mike Greenwood journeys into one of the world's final frontiers, the Chaco in Paraguay, to uncover how environmental groups, ranchers and missionaries are battling for the soul of one of the last wildernesses. The Chaco is a meeting point for several major habitats, including lowland rainforest, grassland, wetlands, dry and humid forest ecosystems. It is also one of the last places on earth where un-contacted peoples live. This is the closest most of us will get to the 'wild west'. A 21st Century frontier country in which a battle for the socio-economic and spiritual soul of a hitherto little explored region is being fought.

Wednesday 5 September: Romania Gold Rush

Tessa Dunlop reports on how a gold mine in Romania - the Rosia Montana - is dividing a community.

Thursday 6 September: No Country for Old Women

Elderly women in Ghana are being banished to remote camps, exiled from their homes, ostracised from their communities and left to fend for themselves – sometimes never again to see their families. And all because someone somewhere accused them of being a witch. At any one time there are around a thousand such women languishing in appalling conditions in six isolated camps in the impoverished North of Ghana. Kati Whitaker has been given rare access to Ghana’s ‘Witchcamps’ where she has followed the fortunes of some of these women.