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Monday: Anne Glover

Peter Day talks with Anne Glover, an expert in spotting companies which excel at the process of frugal innovation and asks what this trend means for spotting successful ideas around the world.

Tuesday 3 July: China’s Economy - The Insider’s View

In the second of two BBC documentaries, a leading Chinese business journalist Rui Chenggang continues his exploration of the big narratives affecting his country's economy.  He also reflects on the nature of economic reform, both inside China and across the world. He finds inspiration in the words of a popular Chinese song: it's "not that easy".

Wednesday 4 July: The King of Corruption

The story of the world's biggest money laundering scam.  The former Nigerian state governor James Ibori was sentenced to jail by a British court earlier this year. He was among a number of high profile politicians facing charges in Nigeria where corruption is endemic: governors from more than half of Nigeria's 36 states have been implicated. Mr Ibori, his wife and his sister have all been jailed, along with his London lawyer.

Thursday 5 July: Song by Song by London

In the second episode of a two-part series, Robert Elms continues his search for the musical soul of London. He discusses the pride that puts a swagger in the step of Londoners. He finds it in the characters of street sellers, wartime entertainers and the songs that were played in East End music halls.