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Monday 11 June: Called To Account

The global 'big four' accountancy groups are under sharp scrutiny from the authorities in Britain, Europe and the USA. Peter Day finds out why they are getting such close official attention and why it matters to the rest of us.

Tuesday 12 June: The Art of Monarchy (Part 3 of 4)

The third programme of the series The Art of Monarchy - an exploration of almost 1000 years of the British monarchy as told through the objects of art they collected.   This week Will Gompertz investigates the pivotal aspect of the art of monarchy - the projection of magnificence. An idea as old as monarchy itself, magnificence is the expression of power through the display of wealth and status

Wednesday 13 June: Egypt's Secret Police Files

In March 2011 hundreds of activists stormed Egypt's state security buildings. They wanted to prevent the shredding of secret files gathered under the 30-year rule of President Hosni Mubarak.The files contained details of people who were deemed to be a threat to state security - many of whom, say the activists - were arrested and tortured. The BBC's Helena Merriman goes on the trail of the secret files to find out the stories of those whose names were listed in them and to find out whether the files - now in the possession of the new state security police - will ever be made public.

Thursday 14 June: It's a Dog's Life

While the average age of Japan's population has been steadily climbing and birth rates falling rapidly, Japan has become a pet superpower. As the number of dogs has increased, so too has the number of childless women and couples, many of whom dote on their dogs in place of children, lavishing luxuries and all kinds of anthropomorphic privileges on them. The BBC's Roland Buerk seeks an explanation for this explosion in interest in all things canine, and explores the demographic time-bomb behind it. If Japanese women continue to reject marriage and children in favour of doggy love, what will be the impact on Japan's population?