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Monday 30 April: Soap Operas - Art Imitating Life (Part 1 of 2)

A two part BBC documentary exploring the notion that soap operas shape societies in subtle but profound ways.  From learning how to cope with the personal financial impact of the global economic crisis to dealing with the emotional impact of losing your job, storylines in soap operas around the world are helping millions of viewers and listeners approach their lives with a more positive attitude – thanks to the lives of their favourite fictional characters.

Tuesday 1 May: Nigerian Crossroads (Part 2 of 2)

Nigeria is at a crossroads between chaos and a modern state. Can it become the pioneer for Africa? Mark Doyle concludes his two part series.

Wednesday 2 May: Zoe Wanamaker, Actress

The BBC's Stephen Sackur is at the Globe Theatre in London to talk to actor Zoë Wanamaker, honorary president of the Globe which was built thanks to the tireless efforts of her father, the American actor and director, Sam Wanamaker, about Shakespeare, the stage and her family's artistic obsession.

Thursday 3 May:  In the Shadow of Charles Taylor

Sierra Leonean journalist Amara Bangura travels through Sierra Leone and Liberiat to meet those who remember the brutality of the Charles Taylor era. A special court in the Hague has found the former president of Liberia guilty of aiding and abetting crimes against humanity, murder, rape and terrorism in neighbouring Sierra Leone during the brutal civil war in the 1990s.