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Windows on the World for the week commencing 2 April 2012

Monday 2 April: Diaspora Bonds

Developing countries need all kinds of facilities that most of them cannot afford, facilities that meet absolutely basic human needs: roads, bridges, railways, water supplies, power, sewerage, street lighting. Many of them have little of the cash needed to get big public investment programmes started. Peter Day reports how Africans are waking up to the investment possibilities of the money the Diaspora sends back to their own countries.

Tuesday 3 April: The Secret Policemen

Secrecy for Catholic police officers in Northern Ireland can be the difference between life and death. For decades most Catholics were suspicious of the police - because the force was overwhelmingly Protestant and seen as enforcing British rule. Barbara Collins investigates the toll taken by this life of secrecy.

Wednesday 4 April: The Pink Certificate

There's a Turkish saying that every man is born a soldier; and in Turkey every man is conscripted for military service of up to 15 months. There is no alternative to this; Turkey does not recognise the concept of conscientious objection. But one group of people is exempt - homosexuals. Emre Azizlerli lifts the lid on the only country within the Nato military alliance to discriminate against homosexuals in this way.

Thursday 5 April: Canada's Prescription Drug Crisis

Canada's First Nations communities are in crisis. Addiction to prescription painkillers is rife, and it's devastating the fragile communities of northern Ontario. OxyContin - an opioid drug capable of inducing a high like heroin - is widely abused in Canada. But on isolated reserves, people talk of an epidemic. For BBC Assignment, Linda Pressly travels to Fort Hope - Eabametoong First Nation - to investigate the impact of drug use.