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Windows on the World for the week commencing 5 March 2012

Monday 5 March: Future Pharma

The global pharmaceutical industry is facing some difficult strategic choices. As the costs of research and development rise, other more reliable revenue streams look increasingly attractive. Peter Day hears from three leading industry insiders who share their visions for the future of the pharma business, discuss the focus on emerging healthcare models and tell him how the industry will find investment over the coming years.

Tuesday 6 March: Life in Many Voices

Within the conflicted context of Palestine, the incidence of debilitating eye disease gets little attention. But in the occupied Palestinian territories the rate of blindness is as high as ten times the norm in the West. We follow the story of different people whose lives converge through the work of a hospital with ancient roots that has been bringing modern medical care to a community in desperate need, regardless of ethnicity, religion or politics.  The St John Eye Hospital in East Jerusalem is hugely respected for its work among the scattered Palestinian community, and the fact that staff come from Christian, Muslim and Jewish backgrounds.

Wednesday 7 March: The Battle for Egypt

A year after President Mubarak of Egypt was brought down by 18 days of street protest, the army, then hailed as heroes for defending the revolution, are now seen by many as villains. Despite almost daily street protests calling on them to step down, the generals are still running the country.  The BBC's Magdi Abdelhadi - who reported from Cairo during the final tumultuous days of President Mubarak's 30-year rule - returns to assess who's winning the struggle in a three-way battle for power in Egypt between the army, the Islamists and the revolutionaries.

Thursday 8 March: Japan - Hope Amid the Chaos (Part 1 of 2)

One year after Japan’s litany of disasters – an earthquake registering 8.9, a tsunami with 10-foot high waves swamping up to 5 kilometres inland, a nuclear accident leading to radiation leaks and mass evacuations, and 20,000 people dead or missing – Gerry Northam tours the devastated northern Pacific areas.