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Windown the World for the week commencing 27 February 2012

Monday 27 February: Africa's Future?

In this programme you can hear from the author Duncan Clarke. His new book, Africa's Future: Darkness to Destiny: How the past is shaping the Africa's economic evolution, aims to show how we can only understand Africa's destiny by uncovering its history. And talking to Peter Day he puts forward his unique reformulation of Africa's economic past, present and future, and reveals the continent's changing political landscape and likely business trajectories.

Tuesday 28 February: Fawzia Koofi - Afghan politician

Some politicians claim that they would be willing to die for their beliefs. Fawzia Koofi is an Afghan politician who says that she expects to be killed. She is currently an MP in the Afghan parliament and has been a prominent national figure since she was first elected in 2005. She has already survived several assassination attempts. So what, in that case, does she believe she can achieve in running for the presidency of her country in 2014? She talks to the BBC's Tim Franks.

Wednesday 29 February: English in the East (Part 2 of 2)

In the second programme about English language use in South East Asia Jennifer Pak visits Hanoi in Vietnam to look at how the country, with a French and Russian colonial history, is now adopting English in preference to Mandarin despite the growing neighbouring Chinese economy.

Thursday 1 March: Bosnia's Heritage

There's a crisis of culture in Bosnia Herzegovina. The guardians of the nation's heritage - the museums and libraries - are under threat of closure. There's no money and there's no national ministry of culture to protect them. The BBC's Rebecca Kesby reports from Sarajevo on the individuals who are trying to preserve the past.