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Monday 9 January: Future Tech

Mark Anderson tells us which way the technology winds are blowing in the USA and he joins Peter Day for this edition of Global Business.  Mark is a technology commentator and his trend-spotting emails are subscribed to by some very influential people in the hi-tech industry.

Tuesday 10 January: The Truth about NGOs (Part 3 of 3)

In the third and final porgamme of the BBC series The Truth about NGO's, Alan Little focusses on Haiti which has more NGO's than any other country.  He explores why, despite the vast effort and resources that flowed after the earthquake two years ago, are people still living in tents without basic amenities?

Wednesday 11 January: Michael Morpurgo - Childrens' author

Michael Morpurgo has written more than 100 books – one of them War Horse, set amid the horrors of World War I, is now a hugely popular stage play and is about to become a Hollywood movie. His ambition is to spark children’s imaginations, but is there any subject that is off limits?  He talks to the BBC's Stephen Sackur.

Thursday 12 January: Sporting Chances In South Sudan

The close links between sport and national identity are all too evident in many countries today. Democrats and demagogues alike have at times used sport to plunder and unite their people. In Sporting Chances, Farayi Mungazi explores the power of basketball to create a national identity in newly independent South Sudan, as well as give its people a sense of dignity and pride.