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Monday 2 January: A Glass of Its Own

It's the perfect time of year for a celebratory gin-and-tonic, and these days the tipple raised at Christmas may well have been made in London. In this week's Global Business Peter Day looks at the boom in small gin companies and meets some of the entrepreneurs behind the trend.

Tuesday 3 January: The Truth about NGOs (Part 2 of 3)

A look at transparency and corruption in India. Who really benefits from the work of NGOs?

Wednesday 4 January: Sylvia Earle: Oceanographer

Sylvia Earle is one of the world's most remarkable marine scientists and explorers. In her five decades of diving she has done some of the deepest and most-challenging dives in history. Her work has led her to catalogue increasing declines in the world's stocks of fish and coral. Now aged 77, she talks to the BBC's Stephen Sackur about her life and work as an oceanographer and explains why she thinks our planet is in grave peril.

Thursday 5 January: Guangzhou - China's migrant metropolis

The world economy has pinned its hopes on China's economy, which depends on over 150 million migrant workers and their labour. The system of internal migration, based on the idea that workers do not settle in the places they work, has sustained an economic miracle and rapid development. But the country has seen a summer of unrest, with rioting among migrants in the Pearl River Delta and angry reactions to the injustices of the system. Mukul Devichand visits Guangzhou, the southern metropolis where seven million migrants form half the population.